3 Things to Consider When Choosing A Storage Unit

Couple Moving BoxesThere are many sizes, shapes, and extras concerning storage units. With all of the choices, a little help wouldn’t hurt! Yes, the large units seem to be ideal although smaller units offer great concepts too. Make sure you choose a unit based on two things: your budget and what you are storing.

  1. If you are storing things from your home and from your student’s dorm room you might benefit from having two smaller units. Two separate units will allow you to easily move in the dorm room in August, while still allowing access to your favorite Christmas decorations in December. Having two units will make room for extra organization and fewer headaches.
  2. If you decide on one larger unit rather than two small, make sure you have a plan of organization. Keeping a list of what you have in your unit and even where things are placed in the unit, can be very helpful during a stressful time such as holidays. Jumping over a box of baby books, Tonka trucks, and baby’s first rattles to get to your reindeer and Santa hats isn’t ideal.
  3. Finally, don’t be afraid to ask for help! Ask your storage unit representative what he thinks; he could very well have some key pointers. Big or small, one or two, a storage unit is sure to assist you in uncluttering your life.

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