4 Things You Wouldn’t Expect to Find in a Storage Unit

Self storage has been around for quite some time. During this time there has become a “norm” when it comes to what goes inside a storage unit. We’re throwing the mediocre normal out, in order to make room for fresh ideas.

  1. Something You Probably Won't Find in a Storage UnitCarter’s Pills – A sample box of allergy medicine or a barrel of clicky pens, a storage unit is perfect for a Drug Rep. Stuffing a tiny, company provided SUV is no longer the way. A climate controlled unit that is located in the center of one’s stops is a life saver for any dynamic sales representative.
  2. Knee Knockers – Always smacking your knee against that one coffee table that barely fits in the room? A unit is an easy fix, no knee replacements necessary. Getting a small unit and using it to store furniture that is in the way or unused can easily unclutter your home.
  3. Big Ole’ Pumpkin – The garage was so spacious, then came t-ball, soccer, and that motorcycle we couldn’t pass up. Using a unit to store sports equipment and holiday decorations can save a lot of frustration. Decorating for any holiday can be simple with the help of a unit that is organized with clearly labeled boxes.
  4. Man Cave – Bachelor, husband, or dad sometimes there just isn’t enough room. Imagine a space without kids yelling, dogs chewing, or friends “borrowing”, welcome to your storage unit. It is perfect for storing anything from your bow and arrows to your favorite fishing pole.

We have a variety of unit sizes. One of them is the perfect size for storing your stuff.