Self Storage Can Make Your Office Space Bigger

Office space cramped?  Store your business files with us at our Blue Ridge Storage Units | Roanoke VA

Self Storage for Businesses, Storage Units Roanoke VAIs your office getting smaller and smaller?  Do you have boxes full of 2002 client folders?  Are your past years taxes filed away somewhere in one of those boxes by the water fountain? If so, it’s time to start cleaning out and organizing your office.

We can help you by storing your extras.

Maybe you have some office furniture you don’t need now but, you will need it when you start hiring again.  Our regular small 5’x5′ or 5’x10′ climate-controlled units are perfect for furniture storage.

Office documents that are kept, as required by law, should be in an area free of outside water, and high humidity. Electronics and pharmaceutical drugs should also be kept in a climate-controlled area.

From electronics and pharmaceutical drugs to office furniture and office file boxes we’ve got you covered and climate-controlled – literally, with our climate controlled storage units!

Create Happiness by Decluttering

The Three D’s of Creating True Happiness For All

Declutter – Remove all unwanted items from your home,

Donate – to your local charity,

Deduct – Save money by claiming your donation on your tax return

– Christina Scalise

Use Self Storage to DeclutterDeclutter your home by removing unwanted or unused clothing, furniture, and household items. By removing excess possessions, you reduce cleaning time, make it easier to find things, and provide a more relaxing, comfortable environment for you, your family, and your guests. Self storage units are perfect for storing those things that you use occasionally.

Donate to your local charity. Giving back is a win-win for everyone. As the old saying goes, “One man’s trash is another man’s treasure.” While no longer useful to you, an item may have be very useful to someone else. Organizations that would love to have your second hand items include Goodwill, Rescue Mission, The Salvation Army and your local churches.

Deduct the donation by claiming it on your tax return. By claiming this itemized expense you will save money on the tax you owe. Most organizations will provide a tax receipt for your records. Your tax professional can counsel you on taking advantage of your donation.

Decluttering, donating and deducting can help create a happier environment, provide inward peace and help others.  But, if you have items that you just aren’t ready to part with, you can still remove the clutter from your home and store it in our affordable, clean and secure self storage units.  

Sounds great to us. How about you?

4 Things You Wouldn’t Expect to Find in a Storage Unit

Self storage has been around for quite some time. During this time there has become a “norm” when it comes to what goes inside a storage unit. We’re throwing the mediocre normal out, in order to make room for fresh ideas.

  1. Something You Probably Won't Find in a Storage UnitCarter’s Pills – A sample box of allergy medicine or a barrel of clicky pens, a storage unit is perfect for a Drug Rep. Stuffing a tiny, company provided SUV is no longer the way. A climate controlled unit that is located in the center of one’s stops is a life saver for any dynamic sales representative.
  2. Knee Knockers – Always smacking your knee against that one coffee table that barely fits in the room? A unit is an easy fix, no knee replacements necessary. Getting a small unit and using it to store furniture that is in the way or unused can easily unclutter your home.
  3. Big Ole’ Pumpkin – The garage was so spacious, then came t-ball, soccer, and that motorcycle we couldn’t pass up. Using a unit to store sports equipment and holiday decorations can save a lot of frustration. Decorating for any holiday can be simple with the help of a unit that is organized with clearly labeled boxes.
  4. Man Cave – Bachelor, husband, or dad sometimes there just isn’t enough room. Imagine a space without kids yelling, dogs chewing, or friends “borrowing”, welcome to your storage unit. It is perfect for storing anything from your bow and arrows to your favorite fishing pole.

We have a variety of unit sizes. One of them is the perfect size for storing your stuff.

3 Things to Consider When Choosing A Storage Unit

Couple Moving BoxesThere are many sizes, shapes, and extras concerning storage units. With all of the choices, a little help wouldn’t hurt! Yes, the large units seem to be ideal although smaller units offer great concepts too. Make sure you choose a unit based on two things: your budget and what you are storing.

  1. If you are storing things from your home and from your student’s dorm room you might benefit from having two smaller units. Two separate units will allow you to easily move in the dorm room in August, while still allowing access to your favorite Christmas decorations in December. Having two units will make room for extra organization and fewer headaches.
  2. If you decide on one larger unit rather than two small, make sure you have a plan of organization. Keeping a list of what you have in your unit and even where things are placed in the unit, can be very helpful during a stressful time such as holidays. Jumping over a box of baby books, Tonka trucks, and baby’s first rattles to get to your reindeer and Santa hats isn’t ideal.
  3. Finally, don’t be afraid to ask for help! Ask your storage unit representative what he thinks; he could very well have some key pointers. Big or small, one or two, a storage unit is sure to assist you in uncluttering your life.

Roanoke, VA Self Storage Unit Sizes